Whisper Down the Lane

with Fritz Lehmann

Installation views: Whisper Down the Lane with Fritz Lehmann, Kunsthaus Hamburg 2024, Photos: Antje Sauer

Whisper Down the Lane
with Fritz Lehmann


Free admission

In the experimental and communicative exhibition format Whisper Down the Lane, the roles and functions of hosting and being hosted become fluid. In line with the eponymous children’s game in which information is passed on in a whisper, the exhibiting artists themselves choose the next person. Whisper Down the Lane is a process-orientated project in which the Kunsthaus transfers part of the curatorial responsibility to the artists themselves, with the aim of creating alternative institutional modes of access and rendering local network structures visible both in terms of personal ties and with regard to artistic approaches.

As the second artist in the series, Fritz Lehman—invited by Jaewon Kim—has assembled works from his new series Deconstructed Functions (2024) into a site-specific installation. The sculptures, consisting of 3D-printed plastic parts and conventional aluminum tubes, are attached to the walls with click brackets. The materials and forms are reminiscent of industrially manufactured daily life objects but, on closer inspection, the structures are devoid of any functionality. All the wall sculptures are variants of the same object but their specific arrangement allow for a wide range of associations—from ladders to objects used in medical technology to substructures for neon signs. In the foyer as a place of transition, the work provokes reflections on the boundaries of function and nonfunction, object and symbol.

Fritz Lehmann (*1983, Starnberg, GER) studied sculpture at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg after training as a screen printer and graphic artist. His artistic works have been shown at Galerie Kai Erdmann, Berlin (2024); ICAT, Hamburg (2022); a&o Kunsthalle, Leipzig (2022); R52L, Berlin (2022) and ATP Gallery, London (2022), among others. He lives and works in Hamburg.

Thursday, 4.7.2024, 6–10 pm
in the context of Panorama IV