«WE ARE THE PRICE» – Artists‘ Perspectives on War with Nikita Kadan and Alona Karavai

In the context of THE GATHERING PLACE

Presentation of works, meeting, and discussion
with Nikita Kadan and Alona Karavai
Monday, 18 September 2023, 7 pm 
Kunsthaus Hamburg
Klosterwall 15
22097 Hamburg
Free admission.

Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine is directed not only against the people in the country but also aims to eradicate Ukrainian culture and language. The unimaginable became reality again, the „never again“ could not resist the Russian aggression. In his work „We are the price“, the artist Nikita Kadan from Kyiv describes the war as the price that the country and the people have to pay for their freedom and the freedom of Europe.

Curator Alona Karavai of Asortymentna Kimnata Gallery from Ivano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine and Nikita Kadan present insights into current artistic creation in Ukraine during the war. With graphics, installations, and video art by various Ukrainian artists, they create space for encounters and exchanges about the role of art in times of war and the change of artistic practice and perception.

As part of a series of presentations, Alona Karavai and Nikita Kadan will be our guests in Hamburg on the 18th of September.

Moderation: Dr. Stefanie Wodrig – Political Scientist, Member of the board of the Heinrich Böll Foundation Hamburg.

The event will be translated consecutively. Registration is not required.

Image: Nikita Kadan. All rights reserved.

Nikita Kadan
is a graduate of the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kyiv. He works with installations, sculptures, paintings and graphics, often in interdisciplinary collaboration with historians, architects and human rights activists. He is a member of the artist group R.E.P. Revolutionary Experimental Space and a founding member of the curatorial and activist collective Hudrada. His works were exhibited in the Ukrainian pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015. Until September 10, 2023, his works are on display as part of the exhibition Kaleidoscope of (Hi)stories. Ukrainian Art 1912-2023 at the Albertinum in Dresden. Kadan lives in Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk.

Alona Karavai is a curator, cultural manager and co-founder of several initiatives in the field of art, culture and nonfomal education in Ukraine, including: Insha Osvita, the artist* residency Khata-Maysternya, educational events agency Proto Produkciia, co-founder of the gallery and project space Asortymentna Kimnata and the online archive Pots Impreza about art and culture in Ivano-Frankivsk. She is a co-organizer of the Porto Franko Festival of Modern Performing, Visual and Media Arts. Alona is from Donetsk, has lived and worked in Ivano-Frankivsk for many years. Since 2022 she has been the chairwoman of MitOst. e.V. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she has been primarily involved in helping refugee artists in western Ukraine and in saving Ukrainian artworks from destruction. Alona Karavai was awarded the KAIROS Prize in June 2023 for her work and commitment.

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