Portfolio Review with Katja Schroeder

In the context of THE GATHERING PLACE

Portfolio Review with Katja Schroeder
Monday, 11 September 2023, 11 am
Kunsthaus Hamburg
Free admission (registration is necessary).
[The program will be held in English]

In addition to the workshop, «The Gathering Place» presents another opportunity: a portfolio review with Katja Schroeder, curator and former creative director of Kunsthaus Hamburg. With a limited number of slots available, each participant will have a 20-minute session of a private conversation with Katja Schroeder.

This portfolio review promises to be an invaluable experience, offering participants the chance to receive expert advice and insights on their portfolios. Take advantage of this unique occasion to refine and elevate your artistic showcase under the guidance of a renowned professional.

Registration for the workshop is open till 23 August. You can register via email: register@kunsthaushamburg.de

The project is supported by «ArtConnects – Aid fund for projects with cultural workers seeking protection»: www.kulturstiftung- hh.de/artconnects.