[.] weiter machen

An exhibition of the Professional Association of Visual Artists Hamburg

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Online Opening 
Thursday, 18 March 2021, 7 pm
Speakers: Bianca Müllner (Board of Directors BBK)
Gerten Goldbeck (Artist, Member of the jury)

Virtual exhibition tour

Philip Angermaier, Jacqueline Christiansen, Anne Dingkuhn, Kjersti Foyn, Monika Hahn, Hayo Heye, Chimera Art Collective (Florian Huber & Penny Monogiou), Simone Karl and Teresa Hoffmann, Jeanne Lefin, Stefan Oppermann, Sylvie Ringer, Olga B. Runschke, Sven Scharfenberg, Shahram Shamiri, Katrin Stender, Kerstin Stephan,
Ursula Steuler, Heiner Studt

The year 2020 has brought with it unexpected events. Our lives in the world as we knew it before have changed abruptly. Yet we all have to and want to carry on. But is that just how it works – carry on as before? Or has the crisis been a time to widen our view? In addition to the play on words, the title also contains a semantic play. Omissions and insertions in quotations are marked with square brackets. Linguistics uses them to describe a phonetic transcription. In chemistry, elements of a complex are grouped together. Mathematics bundles larger therms in square brackets. In 2020, we all reached the moment of being put in square brackets where there was a sudden omission, something was rewritten, bundled, or inserted. Everybody is experiencing structural and atmospheric changes in various forms and degrees. Many artists continued to work consistently on their previous themes. Others responded in content to questions raised by the crisis and its aftermath. New strategies were tested.

In the exhibition [.] weiter machen (to broaden/continue) 20 Hamburg artists connected different ways and possibilities of how to continue.  All works were created during the pandemic. The theme of time plays a major role, and so does the uncovering of contradictions. Fragility and insecurity resonate. There is a sense of bewilderment and perplexity, but also the will to continue and the opportunities to continue one’s own work.

An exhibition of the Professional Association of Visual Artists Hamburg.

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Guided tours with participating artists
Thursday, 8 April 2021, 6 pm
Guided tour by Jan Dietrich and Christina von Grote

Sunday, 11 April 2021, 3 pm
Guided tour by Andrea Cziesso and Jan Dietrich

Thursday, 22 April, 6 pm
Guided tour by Andrea Cziesso and Gerten Goldbeck

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Registration: register@kunsthaushamburg.de

Image 2: Bis auf Weiteres geschlossen, chimera collective (Florian Huber & Penny Monogiou), 2020
Image 3: [.] weiter machen, Installation view, Kunsthaus Hamburg 2021, Detail: Statusmundi, Anne Dingkuhn, 2020, photo: Hayo Heye
Image 4-8: [.] weiter machen, Installation view, Kunsthaus Hamburg 2020, Photo: Hayo Heye