Sand Concert

Im Rahmen der Ausstellung
Sand !Hū Sand

Photos: Angela Franke 

Sand Concert
Saturday, 24 September 2022
Kunsthaus Hamburg 

Khoi Khonnexion (Cape Town)
Kuru (Windhoek/Berlin/Hamburg) – Special Guest: Renu Hossain
Kreidler (Dusseldorf/Berlin)
Songs from The House of Falling Bones
(With members of Khoi Khonnexion & Kante, Nik Duric, Ruth May, Xhoes)

Admission: 12 € (only box office) 
Entrance: 19 Uhr
Start: 20 Uhr

Click here for a musical preview.

As part of the current exhibition Sand !Hū Sand at the Kunsthaus Hamburg, there will be a final concert on September 24, where all participants of the exhibition will perform together and in different constellations. In addition to international acts such as Khoi Khonnexion, Xhoes and Kuru, Kreidler and members of the band Kante will be on stage. The gigs will flow into each other, blurring the boundaries between concert and performance.

Khoi Khonnexion is the legendary band of Garth Erasmus, Glen Arendse and Jethro Louw from Cape Town. Their music centers on the KhoiSan musical bow and Jethro Louw’s poetry, combined with percussion and the many instruments built by Garth Erasmus, many of which are on display in the exhibition.

Kuru is a collaboration of Xhoes, Peter Thiessen and Alex Paulick. The multilingual poetry of Xhoes combined with electronics oscillate between freeform and wave, accompanied on this evening by the phenomenal percussionist Renu Hossein aka RENU* (London/Berlin)

Kreidler from Dusseldorf/Berlin play an ecstatic mix of electronics and cosmic live drums, on their 2019 record “Flood” they released a joint track with Xhoes.

THE HOUSE OF FALLING BONES emerged from the music theater project “Das Haus der herabfallenden Knochen/The House of Falling Bones” (Kampnagel Summer Festival, Kammerspiele Munich, among others), which dealt with traces of German colonial history in Namibia from different perspectives. THE HOUSE OF FALLING BONES consists of members of the bands Khoi Khonnexion and Kante, Xhoes, Nikola Duric and Ruth May.

The event takes place in the context of the exhibition Sand !Hū Sand, which can be visited at Kunsthaus Hamburg until October 2, 2022. In this exhibition, visual artists and musicians in international collaboration deal with the material sand and examine its relationship to the traces of colonial history and revolve around their different approaches to the world. The artistic works, for the most part created for the exhibition, consist of ephemeral materials such as fabric and sand, the sounds of dry ice and conversations on journeys. Performances, workshops and talks will be held within the setting of this expansive installation, but during the exhibition this is also the setting where rehearsals, productions or improvisations take place. The concert is the final event of the accompanying programme. 

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