Mineral Performances

In the context of the exhibition
Sand !Hū Sand

Mineral Performances
Thursday, 15 September 2022, 6 pm

Tsarab mâs (Dust’s Standing) 
Performance by Xhoes

Prior: Null (Mars & Moon)
Dry ice performance by Peter Thiessen, Nikola Duric and Ruth May
with Garth Erasmus and Glen Arendse
Sound: Peta Devlin

Kunsthaus Hamburg
Free admission.

The notion of dust standing – could be an indication – or perhaps, a call – to create tension, excitement or movement so impactful or dramatic, it obscures vision and breaks ground. Tsarab Mâs (Dust’s Standing) finds itself as a confrontation or intersection between future isms, the chronicles of adulting, behaviors, skin care, actions, the caucasity of patriarchy, the politics of twerking and the invasive nature of past’s-presence and eating cake inbetween it all. As we are stirred – in dance, toward our origin – surrounded by the chants of winds through grains and a growth of sorts from under our soles, from around and within, a voice manifests, announces – demands, even – in repetition, “ab tsaraba ma, ab tsaraba ma, ab tsaraba ma!”. A call to remember and own the ability to shift and be still when we or the earth require, in order to fulfil our role in helping “(our own) dust  find a place to belong, to rest after tsarab mâs.

Nesindano Xhoes Namise über Tsarab Mâs (Dust’s Standing)  

Nesindano Xhoes Namise works, among other things, as a voice artist and explores with experimental sounds, as well as on “aural narratives” as a historical discipline. In her spoken word performances she deals with cultural memory processes, questions of restitution of the intangible and genderqueer issues. Namise is a poet. She combines her poems with Afro-folk-funk, neo-soul, vocals and acoustic guitar. Since 2010, she has co-organized Spoken World Namibia, a growing platform for performance poetry in Namibia.

At the centre of Peter Thiessen’s work is the relationship of sound and music to language. With the lyrics, he explores various states of the “in-between”, the ghostly, the spectral and the zombified. For Sand !Hū Sand he has developed a series of musical pieces dealing with the largest known pile of sand: the planet Mars. Using the materials occurring on Mars – sand, metal, dry ice and water – he has composed a speculative soundtrack in which the agency of inanimate matter becomes audible. Thiessen is the singer, songwriter and guitarist of the Hamburg band Kante and was the bassist of the band Blumfeld from 1997 to 2002.

Nikola Duric is a performer, scenic dramaturg and writer. He is part of the theater collectives Showcase Beat Le Mot and Sliders and curator of the Hamburg Krass Festival with a focus on migration.


Guided tours
Thursday, 22 September 2022, 6 pm

The Cosmology of the Bow
Saturday, 17 September 2022, 2 pm
Bow-making workshop (Garth Erasmus)
Lecture: Musical bow of the Khoisan (Glen Arendse)
Bow Ensemble Improvisation

Sand Concert
Saturday, 24 September 2022, 8 pm
Khoi Khonnexion (Kapstadt)
Kuru (Windhoek/Berlin/Hamburg) – Special Guest: Renu Hossain
Kreidler (Düsseldorf/Berlin)
Songs aus The House of Falling Bones (with members of Khoi Khonnexion & Kante,
Nik Duric, Ruth May, Xhoes)

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