Whisper Down the Lane
with Jaewon Kim

Image 1, 3: Installation view: Whisper Down the Lane with Jaewon Kim, Kunsthaus Hamburg 2024, Photo: Jaewon Kim
Image 2: Jaewon Kim, Insect Hotel (detail), 2024, Photo: Jaewon Kim

Whisper Down the Lane:
Jaewon Kim, Insect Hotel

4 April – 30 June 2024
Kunsthaus Foyer

Free Admission

Within the experimental and communicative exhibition format Whisper Down the Lane, the roles and functions of hosting and being hosted become fluid. In the manner of the eponymous children’s game, in which information is passed on in a whisper, the exhibiting artists themselves choose the next person. Whisper Down the Lane is a process-orientated project, in which the Kunsthaus transfers part of the curatorial responsibility to the artists themselves in order to facilitate alternative institutional modes of access and make local network structures visible both in terms of personal ties and with regard to artistic approaches.

Jaewon Kim starts the series with a multi-part wall piece entitled Insect Hotel (2024). His works are characterised by the transformation of everyday and culturally or historically charged objects with the help of 3D printing technology. Through the digital translation process, he reinterprets the nature of the objects, assimilates them to one another and in that way blurs the boundary between the unfamiliar and the familiar, allowing for a variety of associations. As the title suggests, the new work is formally inspired by an insect hotel, which in the context of the Kunsthaus foyer becomes a metaphor for the space as a temporary and communal base for a host of people and disciplines.

Jaewon Kim (*1987, Seoul, KOR) studied photography at the Seoul Institute of the Arts and sculpture at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg. Among others, his works have been shown at Westwerk, Hamburg (2024), ART MATTERS 7, Cologne (2023), a&o Kunsthalle, Leipzig (2022), Galerie Genscher, Hamburg (2021), Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul (2020) and Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin (2018). He lives and works in Hamburg.