Screening & Talk: Zagarbata

In the context of Eccentric 80s: Tabea Blumenschein, Hilka Nordhausen, Rabe perplexum, and Contemporary Accomplices

Production photo from Zagarbata, film by Tabea Blumenschein, 1985, An impoverished princess (Claudia Skoda) dreams of her glorious past, even in her miserable apartment in a condemned house © ZDF / Tabea Blumenschein, © Townes / Shoko Kawaida / Harald Blumenschein

Saturday, 20 May 2023, 6 pm 
at B-Movie Hamburg (Brigittenstraße 5, 20359 Hamburg)
Screening: Zagarbata
Followed by a talk with 
Monika Treut and Angela Stiegler
Moderation: Ute T. Schneider

BRD 1985, 70 Min., 8 mm
Script, director: Tabea Blumenschein, mit Manfred
Welfens, Sue Proebster, Claudia Skoda, Elmar Gessler, Marc Brandenburg | Camera: Christoph Dreher
Punks against skins or vice versa and melodrama with a skin who loves a dance girl. With booze, stealing, gore, violence, recitations and dilettantism as a principle. The dream of happiness ends or not… The music fought along: Die Böhsen Onkelz versus Die tödliche Doris, cult punk band of which Tabea Blumenschein was a member for a time. Tabea Blumenschein, actress in Ulrike Ottinger’s films, costume designer, performer, artist, icon of West Berlin’s subculture, presented her first feature film with Zagarbata, it remained her only one. Eccentric enough to be co-produced by ZDF’s Kleines Fernsehspiel and to blow up everyone’s expectations, but also everyone’s expectations.

Afterwards, Angela Stiegler, artist and curator of the exhibition Eccentric 80s, which can be seen at the Kunsthaus Hamburg until May 21, 2023, talks with filmmaker Monika Treut about Tabea Blumenschein and her film. Ute T. Schneider from B-Movie Cinema will moderate the talk.

Monika Treut is the author, director and producer of numerous award-winning feature films and documentaries. She lives in Hamburg.

Angela Stiegler is based in Berlin and Munich. In her work, she employs various media such as video and performance, working in collaborative contexts with shared authorship. A special focus lies in artistic research and the economy of friendship. Through filmmaking, she encountered Tabea Blumenschein in 2016 and remained in contact with her until her passing.