Rosanna Graf 

Rosanna Graf, The Super Bad, Videostill, 2019

Rosanna Graf 
14 October – 3 December 2023

Rosanna Graf (*1988 in Munich) creates magic, abysmal fantasy worlds that always hold the possibility of unease. Her artistic practice, consisting of videos, interactive performances and installations, is based on an intense preoccupation with rituals, myths and the magical. She focuses on gender non-specific or feminist characters such as witches, ghosts or vampires as projection figures. In surreal interstices detached from the space-time continuum, these marginal figures fight against their own image creation. Their gaze thus falls back on us, exposing outdated clichés and inscriptions.

For her first institutional solo exhibition, the artist is developing a new work complex based on the biography of the German-Bolivian activist Monika Ertl. Inspired by the film genre of folk horror, themes such as finding identity, customs and resistance are negotiated. Motifs of the jungle and the German alpine foothills intertwine in a variety of ways to create a magical installation.

Curated by Anna Nowak