Mafolofolo Revisited

MADEYOILOOK, Mafolofolo Revisited, Kunsthaus Hamburg 2024, Grafikdesign: Laurens Bauer, Caspar Reuss

Graphic design: Laurens Bauer, Caspar Reuss

Mafolofolo Revisited

From 2.8.2024

The installation is open to the public around the clock.

Outside of the Kunsthaus Hamburg, the main road’s buzzy noise is interspersed with singing, conversations and nature sounds. What passers-by hear is the audio installation Mafolofolo Revisited (2024) by South African artist collaborative MADEYOULOOK. The sound piece is a sonic record of South Africa’s historical and contemporary relationship with the land and the ongoing longing for its preservation and care.

In the context of the street outside the Kunsthaus, the work attempts to connect one landscape with another. In an eleven-minute loop, the sound accompanies the urban life. Mafolofolo Revisited reflects on globally shared experiences of a loss of natural habitat and traditional ways of life and calls for collective efforts in finding solutions. A reading corner in the foyer of the Kunsthaus completes the installation and invites visitors to learn more about land-related issues in South Africa.

MADEYOULOOK’s interdisciplinary practice is based on Black everyday practices and is characterized by long-term research projects and collaborative endeavours. It is centred on an in-depth examination of the local spatial and social relationships—blurring boundaries between research and practice, content and form, artist and audience—in favour of the integration of art into everyday life.

Thursday, 1.8.2024, 6–10 pm
in the context of Panorama V


Supported by the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Programme with funds from the Federal Foreign Office