Lecture and Reading: Franziska Dahlmeier & Eva Meijer

in the context of the exhibition MAKING KIN

Photo Eva Meijer (left): Sebastian Steveniers

Lecture & Reading 
Franziska Dahlmeier & Eva Meijer
Sunday, 6th September 2020, 6 pm  

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Due to limited capacity, please register in advance via assistenz@kunsthaushamburg.de

Based on climate change, the loss of biodiversity and the widespread extinction of species, the closing event of the exhibition Making Kin is dedicated to future scenarios and deepens Donna Haraway’s call for cross-species symbiosis.

In her research, sociologist Franziska Dahlmeier traces the practices of caring for endangered plants in the technical-scientific environment of the Botanical Garden, asking in her lecture how people, plants and technology “transform”. After the lecture, the author, philosopher, artist and singer-songwriter Eva Meijer will read from the upcoming publication Recipes for the Future. The book contains 15 recipes, but is not a cookbook. Everything is possible. Art. Kitchen gossip. Conversation. Analysis. Treasure trove. Oracle. It believes in a future for dreams and mushrooms. And touch. It doesn’t believe in anything. Except for trying (to do better).

Eva Meijer will participate remotely via Skype.

Franziska Dahlmeier studied in Hamburg and Leicester, and has been working and teaching as a research assistant in general sociology at the University of Hamburg since 2017. Her research applies feminist and multi-species approaches to topics of science, technology and environment. In the scope of her research on Botanical Gardens, she focuses on the paradoxical sustenance of nature through “artificial ecologies” (Dahlmeier 2019), which depend on a variety of technological interventions, far removed from ideas of “untouched nature”.

Eva Meijer is a philosopher and author whose work has been translated into seventeen languages. Her first novel, Het schuwste dier (Prometheus, 2011), was nominated for the Academica Literatuurprijs, the Gouden Boekenuil and the Vrouw&Proza DebuutPrijs. Following works won the BNG Bank Literatuurprijs and the Halewijnpreis, and were nominated for numerous other literary prizes. Her first academic book, When Animals Speak: Toward an Interspecies Democracy, was published in November 2019, and received the ASCA Book Award 2020. 

Meijer’s philosophical work centers around language and social justice. She successfully defended her PhD thesis, entitled “Political Animal Voices”, in September 2017 (cum laude). She is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher in a project on the actions of non-human animals in the Anthropocene at Wageningen University (NL), and writes philosophical columns for the Dutch newspaper Trouw.

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