I too, Have Been Seduced by the Promise of Exposure

Panel discussion

Image 1: Alice Peragine, untitled, videostill, 2017

Wednesday, 21 February 2018, 6:30 pm
I too, Have Been Seduced by the Promise of Exposure
Panel discussion

Video documentation

Johanna Bruckner (artist, Hamburg)
Dr Pit Hosak (Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg)
Annika Kahrs (artist, Hamburg)
Prof Dr Dirk Luckow (director Deichtorhallen)
Jasmina Metwaly (artist, Berlin/Cairo)
Dr Nina Möntmann (art historian, curator, Hamburg)
Dr Ingrid Wagner (Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin)
Nicole Wermers (artist, London)


Dr Melanie von Bismarck (freelance journalist)

How can the value of artistic creation be measured? Its social value, its significance for the development of a collective identity, and its role as a medium of communication capable of transcending boarders is of greatest importance. However, that appreciation rarely finds concrete expression in the working conditions of artists.

In times of a global attention economy, international competition as well as networks, and urban diversification, the promotion of culture on a local basis must be revisited with regard to a global context; that context also changed the working conditions and those of art production substantially. Consequently, the circumstances demand a re-consideration of the conventional understanding of contemporary art and its working conditions.

If we comprehend art as a social value which should not solely depend on the logic of the market, then we have to create suitable structures for the freedom of creativity and artistic production – without the promise of exposure becoming an instrument of power.
Event concept:
Johanna Bruckner, Ida Lennartsson and Alice Peragine

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Event in German language

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