from creatures to creators

International group show

Photo 1: Pakui Hardware, Thrivers, 2019. photo: Ugnius Gelguda
Photo 2: Stools Made for Design Miami: Americas, 2020, Saelia Aparicio, photo: Tom Hartford, Courtesy: the artist and FUMI gallery
Photo 3: Saelia Aparicio, From your exotic garden to your worst nightmare, 2020, | Image: PUBLIC Gallery, Courtesy: the artist and PUBLIC Gallery 

International group show et. al. with Saelia Aparicio, Samara Daioub & Zion König, Pakui Hardware, Mary Maggic, Tabita Rezaire, Steffen Zillig 

Inevitably, we deal with mortality in times of a pandemic. However, human life has taken on a completely new meaning not only as a result of the current situation. According to the latest scientific knowledge, death is no longer a divine decree, but rather a technical problem. The international group exhibition examines the human condition with regard to a future existence. The participating artists dare to try to think beyond the finite to the superhuman. In this project, invisible lines of molecular biopower, self-optimization processes, and the prospect of eternal life are discussed in a multi-layered way.