Enough promise of exposure

Online workshop hosted by I, too

Online workshop hosted by

I, too (have been seduced by the promise of exposure)  
in care of Johanna Bruckner & Alice Peragine

10 December 2020, at 6 to 8 pm

Please register until 2 December 2020: i_too@gmx.de
Please write in one or two sentences why you want to be part of this workshop.

The workshop will be held in English.
Maximum participants: 15
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The covid-19 pandemic massively impacts art work. It has yet added complexity to the precarious situation of aristic work that has been increasingly affected by social and economic inequity, reduced democratic capital and neoliberal rampage. Performances, exhibitions, screenings and other happenings are interrupted. The future of politics as an aesthetic experience, as well as society’s benefits from cultural capital are unknown. Thus, what organisational formats are needed in order to challenge such layered and complex challenges within the field of bureaucracy?

Therefore we ask: How can we, as artists, negotiate the increasing precarity of art work with bureaucratic stakeholders – right where the financial resources are distributed? How does radical labour of payment regulation with manifold authorities and policy makers take form? How could the current set up of politically-bureaucratic planning be transformed into allyship and solidarity? What kinds of coalitions, partner- and friendships would be necessary in order to extend and amplify the agency we share amongst each other already?

In order to approach these questions, the initiative I, too has invited two international positions Tiphanie Blanc from Wages for Wages against and Julie Marmet from G.A.R.A.G.E., whose practice of change-oriented advocacy have radically and internationally impacted the regulation and distribution of value within the art field. Learning from and listening to the rich experience of these guests, among others, the participants will be discussing artistic forms of negotiating payment regulation as radical forms of communication. How can these forms build the foundation for organizing artistic renumeration in the local context of Hamburg and beyond?

The initiative’s longterm prospect, then, aims at creating a toolbox that is publicly applicable in order to negotiate payment of artistic work with further art administrational, – institutional and – councils of the field.

The workshop follows a panel discussion and a symposium held at Kunsthaus Hamburg in 2018/19 launched by the artist initiative I, too. It is kindly supported by Behörde für Kultur und Medien, Hamburg.