Hosted by Kunsthaus

View of installation NEUSPRÉCH hosted by Kunsthaus, Kunsthaus Hamburg 2023, Photos: Antje Sauer 

Hosted by Kunsthaus Hamburg

29 November 2023 – 25 November 2024

Armin Chodzinski, Kyung-Hwa Choi-Ahoi, Rüdiger Frauenhoffer, Jan Köchermann, Peter Lynen, reproducts, Gunter Reski, Ingrid Scherr, Oliver Ross, Aleen Solari, Simon Starke, Andrea Tippel, Jan Voss and Annette Wehrmann

NEUSPRÉCH is a laboratory for capturing language. NEUSPRÉCH-art does not just display random poetic words but speaks directly to the reader and viewer. Works of art address us. They speak NEUSPRÉCH – with everything they have, with their whole body, with the paint, with the paper, with all their materials. NEUSPRÉCH speaks art.

The project’s title NEUSPRÉCH (NEWSPÉAK) derives from George Orwell’s novel 1984. However, while the dictatorial instrumentalization of language is central to the original story, the term in this case refers to the intricate connections of language and visual art. Through exhibitions and two magazines, NEUSPRÉCH has so far mainly focused on reading and seeing as a means to experience these relations. In Hamburg, these elements are incorporated into the foyer of the Kunsthaus, which is freely accessible and designed as a social space. Here, three events will take place and expand the previous approach through the physical act of speaking.

The works presented in the foyer engage in a dialogue with each other and the visitors, thereby emphasizing and promoting the function of the space as a place for exchange and reading.

NEUSPRÉCH was conceived by the Hamburg based artists Oliver Ross and Simon Starke. It was previously on view at Centre for Artists‘ Publications, Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst, Bremen (2020) and at Klassik Stiftung, Weimar (2022).