Spréchstunde on Annette Wehrmann and with reproducts

© Neuspréch, Photo: Oliver Ross

Lecture 3
in the context of Neuspréch
hosted by Kunsthaus Hamburg

Wednesday, 14 February 2024, 7 pm

Part 1: Spréchstunde on Annette Wehrmann
Part 2: Spréchstunde with reproducts

Part 1:

In an exchange with the art historian and ethnologist Monika Wucher, various aspects of Annette Wehrmann’s (1961-2010) work will be presented using examples of images. As an artist and writer, she was intensively interested in her time and surroundings, developing a very independent approach to everyday life and art. The evening will focus on Wehrmann’s special approach to language and the resistance of her graphic work.

Monika Wucher is a member of Ort des Gegen e.V., which is entrusted with the administration of Annette Wehrmann’s artistic estate.

Part 2:

In a performative live performance, reproducts presents selected research episodes that deal with the peculiar origin and use of objects from the artist group’s archive. The performance is based on the work series Lost and Found (or maybe stolen). The exciting stories behind the supposedly banal objects are explored in detail.

reproducts is a group of artists who have been working on various projects in changing constellations since the late 1980s. The starting point for their work is television material, other audiovisual finds or simply everyday objects, which they collect, archive and rework. Their performances are educational, funny and politically controversial in equal measure.