Guided tour

with Jaana Heine

Installationsansicht: Lila-Zoé Krauß – [After her Destruction], Kunsthaus Hamburg 2024, Foto: Antje Sauer

Installation view: Lila-Zoé Krauß – [After her Destruction], Kunsthaus Hamburg 2024, Photo: Antje Sauer

Guided tour with Jaana Heine
Thursday, 11.7.2024, 6 pm

Free participation, no registration necessary

Lila-Zoé Krauß (*1994, Alice Springs, AUS) is a multimedia artist, performer and musician known as L Twills. In her work, she uses sound as a starting point for storytelling. Her multimedia productions deal with the relationship between perception, the body and technology. The artist examines the construction of normativity in capitalist societies and its effects on mental health.

For her first institutional solo exhibition Lila-Zoé Krauß transforms the hall of the Kunsthaus into an immersive stage of sound, light and image. In her new science fiction music and opera project [After her Destruction], she questions conventional value systems and perceptions of reality and negotiates notions of otherness, femininity and subjectivity. The narrative centres on the protagonist Girl. With the aid of the computer programme The Art of Mind, which merge digital, analogue and Girl’s dream worlds, she embarks on a journey through her mind. In search of a lost memory, Girl gets caught up in a maelstrom of imagination, dissolution of boundaries and emancipation. On the musical level, the artist combines electro-acoustic sounds and expressive vocals to create dense avant-pop compositions.

Curated by: Anna Nowak