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The Futureless Memory
19 September – 10 January 2021

Film to the exhibition with Katja Schroeder 

Exhibition brochure The Futureless Memory

Press preview The Futureless Memory

Click here for a virtual exhibition tour through The Futureless Memory

Meltem Ahıska on The Futureless Memory

Banu Karaca on The Futureless Memory

Online lecture: Riss der Zeit – Künste im Exil und die Vergangenheit der Zukunft (Prof. Dr. Burcu Doğramacı)

Online lecture: The Garden of (not) Forgetting: The Memory of a Place and the Topography of Destruction (Dilşad Aladağ und Eda Aslan)

Artist talk with Balca Ergener, Judith Raum, Michaela Melián

Making Kin
3 July – 6 September 2020

You can download our exhibition brochure here.

Trailer of the movie Night Soil – Fake Paradise from Melanie Bonajo

Meet the artist: Anne Duk Hee Jordan about her works for the exhibition “Making Kin” at Kunsthaus Hamburg (In Englisch language)

Artist talk: Melanie Bonajo with Chus Martínez 

Lecture & reading: Franziska Dahlmeier and Eva Meijer

Audio Guides zur Ausstellung Making Kin

Véréna Paravel & Lucien Castaing-Taylor: Ah humanity!
24 March – 21 June 2020

The trailers of the movies somniloquies, 2017 and Caniba, 2018.

You can download our exhibition brochure here.

Here you can find a documentation of the exhibition.

Heinz Peter Schwefel for Art magazin (4_2017) about the films of Véréna Paravel & Lucien Castaing-Taylor. Download here. (Only available in German)

Click here for a virtual exhibition tour through Ah humanity!

3 September – 17 November 2019

Artist talk
Admire Kamudzengerere, Helena Wittmann, Anna Nowak (Moderation)

Red-Black Thread with Slavs and Tatars

On Numbers and their Shadows by Shuddhabrata Sengupta (Raqs Media Collective)


Author reading with Dagrun Hintze – in the context of Die Lange Nacht der Museen Hamburg 2020 (in German language)

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