Andere Verhältnisse

An Exhibition of the Association of Visual Artists

Opening: 19 January 2024

20 January – 25 February 2024

This annual exhibition initiated by the Association of Visual Artists (BBK) explores the topic of

Konkrete Utopie” (literal translation concrete utopia) coined by the German philosopher Ernst Bloch’s (1885-1977). This term describes a state of society in which art and music are expressions of the unfulfilled, offer alternative visions and can be tools for social change.

The group exhibition “Andere Verhältnisse” offers perspectives to reshape reality, in which there is hope for an improved, even utopian future. In the selected artistic works, conventions are questioned, and social perspectives and new possibilities are explored. This applies both to the artistic process itself and to philosophical questions about the transformation of social and interpersonal relationships.

Jury members: Beatrice Dettmann, Èv van Hettmer, Joachim Jacob, Zhiyi Liu, Peter Schindler