All Tomorrow’s Past

Photos: Hayo Heye

All Tomorrow’s Past

Opening: Monday, 26 Januar 2015, 7 pm
Introduction by Marie-Luise Tolle (Director of the Senate, Kulturbehörde Hamburg) und Katja Schroeder (Artistic Director, Kunsthaus Hamburg)

Guided Tours:
Sunday, 8 February 2015, 3 pm (Katja Schroeder)
Wednesday, 11 February 2015, 6 pm (Goesta Diercks)
Wednesday, 25 February 2015, 6 pm (Goesta Diercks)
Sunday, 15 März 2015, 3 pm (Katja Schroeder)

Marwa Arsanios, Carsten Benger, Sharon Hayes, Kerstin Kartscher, Oliver Laric, Vincent Meessen, Otolith Group, Yorgos Sapountzis, Eske Schlüters, Maya Schweizer

The exhibition All Tomorrow’s Past enquires about the construction of future “history” from a present and a past perspective. In this digital age, our society focuses its attention almost entirely on the present. Every bit of information is refreshed with the help of media channels. What was a moment ago is already obsolete a moment later and the “update” has become the paradigm of our time. Against the premise of this social background, the international group exhibition uses artistic approaches to explore what will remain of today for tomorrow, who is writing, recording or depicting the history of whom and where. Which images are used and which perspectives are represented? Based on a social and aesthetic angle, the works of art illustrate which form of translation is able to transport “yesterday” into tomorrow.

Curator: Katja Schroeder