Art editions

The Kunsthaus Hamburg offers art editions. The selection of works ranges from emerging to internationally distinguished artists who have exhibited here in recent years and are associated with the Kunsthaus.

If you are interested, you can order the editions in writing via e-mail or take a look at them on site during our opening hours.

In the following you will find our current art editions of: Suse Bauer, Maik Gräf, Pablo Schlumberger and Shirana Shahbazi.

Shirana Shahbazi
Rigi & some other place, 2014
Direct planographic printing, 2 colours
Picture size: 28 x 21 cm
Sheet size: 29 x 22 cm
Edition: 33
€ 700,-

The Edition Rigi & some other place (2014) by Shirana Shahbazi shows a panorama of the Swiss mountain massif Rigi, which she overlays with another, unrecognisable motif as if through a dark shadow. In her photography, the artist adopts two elementary qualities that make the photographic image so fascinating to this day: both the precision in the reproduction of reality and the capturing of the transient moment, which in the reproduction transforms into a new (image) reality. The artist creates observations of sublime, partly romantic, partly tamed nature, as well as of urban urban spaces or forgotten side scenes and fleeting moments. For this she composes abstract pictorial spaces, characterized on the one hand by intense color and on the other by hard black-and-white contrasts.

In addition to the edition, Shirana Shahbazi’s new catalogue New Good Luck is also available in the Kunsthaus Shop. It shows a series of new photographic works taken during her three-month stay in India.

Maik Gräf
Punctum, 2018
42 x 59,4 cm
4 unique from a series of 30 motives
each € 180,-

With a focus on photography, graphic and typography, the Hamburg based artist Maik Gräf completed his studies of fine arts at the HFBK in 2018. The photographic series punctum (2018) is his graduation work and deals with the compression of bodies, emotions and memories. The overlaid photographs deal with the male body in the mirror of a heteronormative world.
This edition, produced using the risographic printing process, is the result of his work.

Pablo Schlumberger
4 granted, 2018
Ceramic humidifier, engraved love lock, chains, polyurithane cast, dehumidifier bag, key chain, metal rings, metal hooks
Dimensions variable
5 unique
€ 450,-

Pablo Schlumberger (1990*, DE) draws his art from an aesthetic world of everyday objects. He uses materials and shapes taken from artisan contexts, such as handicrafts. Sometimes it is rain gutters, crocheted covers or oversized jugs of stoneware that he transforms into fountains bubbling with coffee or builds into space-filling installations; sometimes – as in this edition – it is ceramic heating humidifiers that have gone out of fashion.