from creatures to creators

International group show

Death has come disturbingly close to us. As a consequence of the global pandemic, every human being is inevitably confronted with mortality. It is currently more present in media and public attention than ever before, so the existence in this world has become particularly important. The desire for a long life has not only taken on a completely new meaning because of the current situation. (Alternativ: Situations like this consistently give a completely new meaning to the desire for a long life.)

Through scientific progress, death is no longer a divine decree, but rather a technical problem. According to recent findings of biogerontologists lifetime can already be extremely extended by using the right tools. So called “Biohackers” are exploring ways to intervene in the human organism in order to optimize the body and manipulate DNA to enable an even better performance of the human body. Transhumanists are also increasingly seeking to overcome biological limits through technological and scientific use. Could the development of a complete artificial intelligence (AI) also mean the end of the human species?

The exhibition from creatures to creators deals with being human in terms of our future existence. It brings together international artists who on the one hand examine the meaning of life & death in times of the corona virus and on the other hand reflect on the evolutionary process and also attempt to think beyond the finite to the superhuman. Invisible lines of molecular (bio-)power, self-optimization processes and the idea of eternal life are discussed in a variety of ways.