Making Kin!

Melanie Bonajo, Madison Bycroft,
Anne Duk Hee Jordan

Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Installationview, Kunstverein Arnsberg, 2019 

‘What humans have built, however, is a political and economic structure that is ecosystem-destroying, human and animal labor-transforming, multispecies soul-mutilating, epidemic-friendly, corn-monocrop-promoting, cross-species heartbreaking’ (Donna Haraway, Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene, 2016.)

For 200 years, humans have intervened drastically in biological, geological and atmospheric processes and exerted massive influence on the environment. Yet we are not in a temporary ecological crisis, but are experiencing an irreversible mutation of the global climate and the habitability of the planet. The exhibition Making Kin! questions the discourse on the Anthropocene, the human-made age: How could we live in the future and how can nature become not only an object of contemplation, but also an object of artistic and social activity in the sense of a “political ecology”?

 Making Kin! combines three artistic positions that question the anthropocentric perspective and examine the interplay between ecosystems and human activity. Using various media such as video, installation, painting and performance, Melanie Bonajo, Madison Bycroft and Anne Duk Hee Jordan devote themselves to current ecological problems. They experimentally explore the interdependence of humans and the environment and explore future scenarios that test the flattening of species hierarchies. In very different humorous and playful ways, the artists explore community concepts that do not put humanity at the centre, but rather emphasise the equivalency within species diversity. For the exhibition at the Kunsthaus Hamburg, existing groups of works will each be supplemented with new artistic works.